The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. (Proverbs 9:10)敬畏耶和華是智慧的開端;認識至聖者便是聰明。(箴言第九章十節)

早茶共聚 Round 2 Free for “Yum Cha”

日期: 22/09/2023


學校簡介會在一盅兩件的輕鬆環境下順利完成,收到家長的回應令我們的教學團隊暖在心頭,再次感謝家長們對本校的支持及肯定。本校將會陸續舉辦不同的活動,並邀請家長與孩子一同走進"大坑東宣小"。記住定時瀏覽我們的學校網頁及Facebook 專頁呢!

Thank you to all who attended the “Free for Yum Cha” school orientation. This heart warming event allowed parents to connect with APSTHT in our favourite, and relaxing environment.  The dim sum was delicious and the tea is terrific. 

More events will be coming up throughout the year.  Remember to regularly visit our school website and Facebook page!